Useful apps for Graphic designers

Whether you’re an on the go as a graphic designer or a full-time desk designer, having an app can be useful at times. Especially if you are instantly coming up with different ideas throughout the day and you want to sketch and make a note quickly, then having an app could be ideal. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an Android or an iPhone user as there are hundreds of great apps that’s available out there.

To help you pick the best app, we’ve collected the following list of articles that tells you the most useful and popular apps for graphic designers.

Ten Essential Apps for Graphic Designers

With so many apps available to anyone at any time, we’ve culled what we think are the top apps for busy creatives. Most are free or cost very little, and they range from creativity, type, and writing, to tools to help you be more productive at work and in life. All are meant to make our lives a little more joyful and a lot less hectic.

What the Font

This is a no-brainer for anyone interested in type. It’s like Shazam for type nerds. You see a great font on a menu, but you’re not sure what it is. Simply snap a photo of it and What the Font will identify it and relieve you of hours of contemplation.

ProCreate (used with Apple Pencil on an iPad Pro)

Create beautiful sketches and paintings, seamlessly! “I use this almost every day,” says lettering artist Jessica Hische. “It’s an incredible app—very well designed and intuitive—and the addition of the Apple pencil has made it feel like a very natural sketching environment.” read more at

13 of the best tablet apps for graphic designers

Everyone’s using tablet computers these days, even graphic designers. But designers need maximum functionality on the go, including sophisticated graphics capabilities, vector graphics, image manipulation and drawing tools. Here are a few of the best tablet applications that will make even the most advanced graphic designers swoon.

Skitch is a useful application for both casual and professional users. It’s owned by Evernote, a convenient note-taking, bookmarking and documentation tool with mobile apps available for practically every mobile operating system in existence. Thanks to its compatibility with Evernote, Skitch is incredibly valuable for making notations and jotting ideas on photos you take while you’re on the go—and it’s totally free.

Freeform is a valuable tool for graphic designers who need to create vector-based graphics rapidly. You can design diagrams, mockups and sketches as well as download to a variety of image formats, even export as PDF. It’s a must-have for any graphic designer.

SketchBook Pro is considered to be one of the best apps available for graphic designers. It’s a professional application for both painting and drawing right on your tablet, with a variety of functions that rival the most sophisticated desktop software programs. read more at

Material Design for Android

In 2014, Google developed a new visual design language called Material Design for Android Lollipop and higher versions. The visual specifics in material design are amusing, and the material objects have x, y, and z dimensions, which allows you to create an incredible 3D world. Material Design is not about how to use dazzling colors, the best images, nor the elevation of the object; it is about how we create the amazing experience to users with the positive brand reality.

Overall, Material Design is straightforward, clear, and brilliant. Because of these dazzling features, it has become imperative for a broad number of gadgets. read more at

Productive Design Apps for Artist, Fashion, Graphics and Multimedia Designers