The 3 things your company logo needs to be

Consider Apple’s logo, or McDonalds’, and you’ll quickly understand how this simple imagery is very important in making the company more recognisable. After establishing yourself as a major brand, most people won’t even read the entire company’s name, but a unique logo is going to identify your company at a glance. Logos often evolve and the more recognisable they become, they more iconic and meaningful they can be too. When selecting a logo, it’s important to think about this future progression, so make sure to consider the following about what a logo should be above all ese.

1. Simple: a logo should never be complex or difficult to interpret. Think of it this way – if it can’t be scribbled down on paper with a few strokes, it’s gone too far! An icon of some sort that can be used for a variety of purposes and translate to different visual styles well is all you really need. If you can make it relevant to your business, that’s fantastic, but don’t be too literal with your design.

2. Unique: this can be a challenge to achieve while still maintaining simplicity, but you have to make it distinguishable from any others in the market. Don’t make the common mistake of fitting too many words into your logo, thinking this will make it unique. Technically nobody is likely to have exactly the same logo as you, but it’s going to be almost indistinguishable from other logos that are basically just a company name.

3. Meaningful: the end design has to be somehow related to your company, otherwise it will just look misplaced in the worst case scenario. The meaning conveyed by your visuals can be subtle or even unintended – a common one is looking unprofessional, because many companies simply do not place enough value on professional and thought-through design. Your logo is going to be seen constantly and it’s going to tell your customers something about you, so take control of this from the beginning! Don’t tell them you’re lazy and don’t care about little details – show them you’re creative, you understand your business and you’re offering something unique.