What Makes For Great Retail Signage?

It’s something that’s often underestimated or forgotten about, but the sign you choose to advertise your physical place of business can actually have more of an impact than you might think. Here are just a few ideas which may help you stay on track with your signage, whether you are a retailer or any other type of business with a shop front of some sort.

Use professional shop sign makers

Firstly, remember that dedicated business sign makers will be able to create something really special that’s much more impressive than something you can throw together yourself, so don’t go for the false economy option. Using retail signage professionals to dress the front of your shop gives you scope to use much more advanced features, such as illuminated shop signs and custom made lettering, which you wouldn’t be able to achieve with a basic DIY approach.

Make a great first impression

An ineffective sign is sometimes even worse than not having one at all, because first impressions really do count. Perhaps when business owners become too familiar with their own premises, they stop noticing their sign altogether, but this is missing something crucial New customers will probably see your sign every day, and each one of those people could represent a missed opportunity if you fail to impress them.

Keep it snappy

Don’t feel the need to explain your entire business model on your sign. You just need to make it clear who you are and what you’re offering. Once people are hooked and you have their attention, they will be more receptive to learning more. A jumbled message won’t come across when someone looks at your shop for just a couple of seconds.

Make it smart and up-to-date

Unless it’s completely intentional to suit your branding, the vast majority of old-fashioned, overly fussy fonts and styles tend to look messy and create a poor first impression. Simple lettering that’s easy to read from a distance should be a high priority. Your colour scheme and any logos used should also be modern and professional looking. If your sign looks old and weathered, you’re making it look like your business is on the way out.

Express your brand’s values

If possible, you will want your brand’s core values to translate in everything that you do. This includes your retail signs, which are an extension of how you communicate with your potential customers. Therefore, everything here needs to be consistent. If you want your brand to come across as exciting and fun, you might be better off with a very bold sign and illuminated letters could be a good way to grab attention. For more serious businesses you may want to keep it more classy, but still make sure your branding stands out for the right reasons.